Exploro Team Gravel Bike

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When we introduced the EXPLORO, the world’s first aero allroad bike, some people asked “why?" And maybe it was too far ahead of its time. One year, 1000’s of exciting rides, several coveted awards and a Dirty Kanza win later, people ask “where?” As in “where can I get one” and “where will I ride it next?"

There is something magical and fun about riding on a mixture of surfaces, and only the EXPLORO delivers on all terrains. Its road geometry is fast on good surfaces and capable on bad ones. Its clearance for up to 2.1” mountain bike tires means nothing will stop you. And the aerodynamics are so good that even with knobby tires, it outperforms round-tube road bikes with skinny tires. There’s simply nothing else like it.

Ask EXPLORO riders and the press and you will see that the EXPLORO performs so well it can be your go-to road bike AND your adventure bike all in one. Get one road and one off-road tire set to tailor your ride or a versatile set to conquer everything. The EXPLORO is allroad riding at its best. Cycling, reinvented.